Dr. Derek Forbes is a retired veterinarian who resides in the U.K. Dr. Forbes was engaged in mastitis research during the early part of his profession career. His research had determined that the bacterial infections that cause mastitis can remain in the teat canal for several weeks and never cause a mastitis infection. His research included extracting milk samples directly from the teat sinus with a needle which aided in his conclusion that an external force is required to push the bacteria up the teat canal as the bacteria is non-motile, cannot move on its own. His efforts culminated in his conclusion that the milking machine is largely responsible for mastitis and he further theorized that a milking machine providing a liner action similar to that of CoPulsation would substantially reduce the rate of mastitis.

Dr. Forbes is also a past President of FELASA (www.felasa.eu), a European organization that provides oversight of the use of laboratory animals in research. This experience provides Dr. Forbes with a unique perspective and concern for dairy animals relative to the milking experience they are subjected to with conventional milking machines.

Dr. Forbes authored an article summarizing his research experience that was published in the U.K. Veterinary Times.

Conventional milking machines cause iner crawl and canal damage resulting in mastitis and poor milking performance, understand why. Discover that this is a known problem.

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