A significant amount of data and evidence exists that supports the superior performance of the CoPulsation™ Milking System. The many dairy farmers using the product have provided real on the farm results supporting our claims. You can see videos of superior milking performance on their farms and compare that to the harmful milking action of a cows milked with a conventional system. There are also more formal documented studies provided below that provide additional evidence.

Milking machine design and mastitis

Reduced mastitis study - this study documents a multi-year side-by-side comparative study of a small dairy herd with one side of a stall barn milked with a conventional system and the other with CoPulsation™. This long term study shows the improvements for both reduced contagious and environmental mastitis with CoPulsation™.

Comparison of milk flow rates in milking systems

Improved milk flow rate study this study documents the fact that cows milked with CoPulsation™ experience a consistent and longer lasting peak flow rate and milk in less time. The sustained peak flow rate condition is readily observed when watching cows milk with our product. The peak flow rate is sustained for nearly the full duration of milking due to the true massaging rest phase.

Evaluation of the impact of milking machine design on teat swelling

Teat study - this study documents the fact that cows milked with CoPulsationtm do not experience teat swelling.

Comparison of liner action with pulsation performance

Liner study - this study documents the difference in liner action provided by CoPulsation™ and explains how the liner action difference occurs.

Additional data from commercial farms using CoPulsation™

The following two videos provide a comparison between the typical dual pulsation and the CoPulsation(tm) Milking System. You can actually see the milk being driven back up towards the teat by a dual pulsator whereas our product does not cause that cross contamination problem.

CoPulsation™ eliminates the backflow of milk preventing cross contamination. Note that the milk DOES NOT flow back up the liner in the video.

Conventional dual pulsation drives milk and bacteria back up against the teats causing mastitis as shown in the video.

Visual proof that CoPulsation™ prevents backwashing of the teats

The video above shows that the milk flow fully stops during the rest phase with the CoPulsation™ Milking System.