LR Gehm is a manufacturer of innovative dairy equipment products including the patented CoPulsation™ Milking System. The goal of LR Gehm is to provide dairy farmers with new technology that is superior to other available products. Each LR Gehm product is intended to enable the dairy farmer to increase profits and to pay for the product within two years or less.

LR Gehm was established in early 1995 following several years of developing and testing the CoPulsation™ Milking System. The CoPulsation™ Milking System was developed on the dairy farm of Lanny Gehm after many frustrating years of experiencing mastitis problems and poor milk performance common with conventional milking systems. The milk quality, time to milk, udder health and teat condition of the cows on the farm improved dramatically with the introduction of the CoPulsation™ Milking System.

Since that time the CoPulsation™ Milking System has received a U.S. Patent and many foreign patents. The product has been marketed to dairy farmers throughout the U.S. and foreign countries. Herd sizes range from less than 30 to commercial herds milking over 1000 cows 24 hours a day. Independent studies have proven that the system outperforms conventional milking systems.

Discover why conventional milking machines, like yours, don't work and why mastitis is very profitable to everyone but the dairy farmer. Understand what our products are, how they work and how they will benefit you.

LR Gehm markets several products to dairy farmers: